Goals for 2018!


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday with your loved ones. If you follow me on my social media (which you should!) then you know that I went home to PA for Christmas. I had the most relaxing vacation, I hung out with my friends and family, ate good food, and got some amazing gifts. I wanted to share today some of my goals for 2018. I’m not doing the whole “new year, new me” thing that people do, I’m doing the new year, better me. I wrote down in my little white and gold polka dot notebook everything I want to accomplish this upcoming year. Maybe my list will inspire you to make some changes or better yourself in any way. Let me know some of your 2018 goals!

  1. Skin-Care. This is a huge one for me because I do not take good care of my skin and I want to make this a priory now since I am getting older, and I want to be a hot mom so I gotta start now right?!
  2. Green thumb. I love plants and I really want them around our apartment so this year I will keep all my plants alive and fill the place with plants!
  3. Blog Posts. I want to write a blog post every sunday at least. Blogging is such a fun hobby of mine and I want to really dedicate myself to it.
  4. Pictures. I have such a nice camera that I really want to utilize so this year I will be taking my Canon Rebel t5i everywhere along with my white Polaroid camera.


That’s all my main 2018 goals. I do have some smaller ones like talking my dog Jax for a walk 1-2x a week, cooking new foods in my cookbooks, and saving money to get a Jeep!




P.S. Highly recommend these sheet face masks from target, they were about $5.00 each and the best things I have ever bought, we could not stop laughing! They are supposed to be a reindeer, penguin, and narwhal!

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