Hurricane Irma

As many of you know, I currently live in Florida the so-called sunshine state. Well a lovely category 4 hurricane hit my new home state last week and earlier this week. My county that I live in was in a mandatory evacuation zone so my boyfriend and I had to leave (also, the apartment complex I live in does not have shatter proof glass, storm shutters, and doesn’t allow boards up on the windows, ridiculous I know.) However, it was the perfect time to have a little getaway. Braden and I took a road trip to Tennessee, which is Braden’s home state and his grandparent’s still live there. 

We first stopped in Savannah, Georgia and it was beautiful. We got a hotel that night because the traffic was so bad getting out of Florida our 6 hour trip took about 11 hours. I really wanted to explore around but the traffic kept getting worse and worse so we were only able to drive around a little bit. I definitely would love to spend some more time here.





We left Savannah that morning and drove another 11 hours to Tennessee! We got in pretty late so we didn’t do much but sleep. That next morning we drove about an hour to a small town called Gatlinburg. I FELL IN LOVE with this town. It was so cute and it’s nestled right in the smokey moutains. It was beautiful, I want to take a trip here in the fall to see all the leaves change. Braden and I went to the Ripley’s Aquarium and walked around the town.







The next day, we went out to breakfast at the pancake pantry. If you love pancakes like I do then you’ll absolutely love this place. It was so delicious and they have every pancake type imaginable. We just walked around the town some more then cooked dinner back at Braden’s grandparents house. After dinner, it was nice and chilly so we decided to have a fire with smores! It felt so good to have cold weather again and be sweating every second of the day.






We left monday Morning to start our treck back down to Florida. Thankfully, nothing in our home was broken, our boat was fine, and my car was fine. The hurricane could have hit our area much worse so I am very thankful that everything turned out okay for us. I pray for everyone affected by hurricane Irma!






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