Tortuga Time

Lilly Pulitzer has been one of my favorite brands for awhile now. I would always get my school agends from them. I LOVE the fun, girly, bright prints that are so creative and fun. Lilly released a print with a purpose called Tortuga Time which supports Loggerhead marinelife center a sea turtle hospital in Juno, FL.



Loggerhead is a non-profit sea turtle hospital that helps promote conservation of the ocean ecosystems that helps threatened and endangered sea turtles. At Loggerhead there is a hospital, research lab, education exhibits, etc. I knew I needed to purchase something from Tortuga Time because I volunteer at Loggerhead as a rehabilitation tech at the sea turtle hospital. So I couldn’t pass it up.






The pictures above are hatchlings that didn’t make it to the ocean, meaning that they got washed back by waves, found in beach parking lots, etc. I am on a special permit to touch sea turtles, do not touch them otherwise. It is against the law.

We actually named a rescued sea turtle named Lilly after the beloved Lilly Pulitzer. Lilly was recently released a few weeks ago after being treated for a deep shell wound above her right shoudler. The LMC staff and volunteers (me!) treated her with antibiotics, laser treatment and hydrotherapy. LMC does amazing things to help the sea turtles and I’m so blessed to be apart of it.ย My mom actually suprised me with the romper shown in the picture above and I am so in love with it. It is flattering, comfortable and looks great with blonde hair and blue eyes if I do say so myself!ย haha It’s so worth the money. It retails for $128 which I know is pricey but the quality is amazing and it gives back to loggerhead so check it out and maybe get one for yourself!








The shoes I paired this romper with are from target and I got them for only $9.88!! If you don’t follow my instagram you should because I always post deals that I find or new products that stores are currently offering. An example of what I post is above.

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