Not All Wands Are Created Equal




All women love curling their hair, well almost all women. I love curling my hair for special occasions or just running errands for the day. There are so many amazing hair tools out there today because I feel like the beauty community has grow so much in the past few years. It can be overwhelming to decide which hair tool is right for your hair and in your budget. I personal have curly hair already but I always need a wand to tame the curls. I always recommend curling wands over curling irons. I feel like curling irons are a little out dated. Am I the only one?! Everywhere you look now has only wands, which personally I am okay with. I have used target, chi, drybar, and many more brands hot tools but they made my hair very damaged or the curls wouldn’t stay. I found Nume hair tools a few years ago and have been using them ever since. They have wands, products, sets everything you can want or ever need. I currently use the nume play four in one wand. It come with 4 different size barrels ranging from 19mm to 32mm. The smaller the barrel the tighter the curls. Nume unfortunately does not make this set anymore but they have so much other sets that still have the same size barrels. I love pairing my Nume hot tools with herbal essences dry shampoo. I bought this because Ellana Perchele was speaking so highly on it. She is one of my favorite youtubers, I highly recommend checking out her channel. The makes fourth day hair look good! It smells amazing, doesn’t leave any residue, and instantly makes my hair look fabulous. I top it off with some Pantene hairspray and my curls last all night long (even in this Florida humidity, that’s how you know it really works!).



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