I have finally reached fall weather. I am so happy! I love seeing the leaves change and visiting my family. It was just a nice little vacation but I am happy to travel back to warmer weather and my little family. My booties are from Target and are the perfect “opened” bootie for a more… Read More Autumn


Remember when I said I was going to post every day in October and I didn’t…..I am so sorry about misleading you and not posting every day! I had all my content planned out and yet life finds a way to change things up. I promise I have a good excuse why I was not… Read More DVT


As many of you know, if you watch YouTube, creators are making videos every day the entire month of October. They are calling it “youtober”. I am obsessed with these videos and all things fall. Since I moved to Florida it’s hard to get in the spirit of fall since it’s 95 degrees every day.… Read More Blog-tober!